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Silk Wall Plaster

Available in different textures

Textile Fibers- Glitter Effect- Small Stones

                                               Creating an image with SILK PLASTER material 

1   Prepare the wall according to the instuction given in wall preparation section.

2   Draw the sketch on the wall using pencil.

3   Apply material as per sketch. It should go beyond the outline of the sketch on 1-2 mm.

4   Using small rubber trowel (width 3-5 cm), push the material inside of the outline of the sketch.

5   Plane the material evenly.

6   Let the applied part of the sketch get totally dry.

7   Apply another color of SILK PLASTER in 1-2 mm from the dry part to avoid overcloak of two colors.

8   To make clear contours of the image it is possible to use markers after wall will dry

It is as easy and simple as the child making the picture with plasticine. Exclusive and unique design made with Silk Plaster will make you and your family happy during long years.