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Silk Wall Plaster

Available in different textures

Textile Fibers- Glitter Effect- Small Stones

Handmade Frescoes

We've loved every minute of our journey

The fresco is from decorative SILK PLASTER which is really unique author's creation, executed by the master in a single unique copy , and uses the texture of the SILK PLASTER chosen by you from the SILK PLASTER product catalog.

Our product is NOT wallpapers ant not digital frescoes that are printed on the printer! Our frescoes are made of silk decorative plaster handmade and absorbs the talent and creative energy of the artist who created it.

Advantages of frescoes from SILK decorative PLASTER:

1. Our frescoes are 100% handmade!

Completed by professional artists in a single copy and always unique!

2. Our frescoes are made of completely natural, environmentally friendly materials, such as silk fiber and cellulose, odorless and hypoallergenic.

3. We will implement any of your ideas and create any drawing for you.

4. More than 300 kinds of color and textural solutions in 22 collections of decorative SILK PLASTER. SILK PLASTER is used to create our frescoes.

5. Our frescoes have a seamless surface even on large surfaces.

6. Fresco can be easily glued to any prepared wall.

Frescos are conventionally divided into three categories, each of which has its own characteristics in style, color and detail.


There is minimum of detailing. Artistic means of expressiveness by having a clear contour, line, geometric style and ornament. Colour spectrum is having minimum colours which include up to 3 colours. 


There is average of detailing. Artistic means of expressiveness by using the colour contrast of simplified colours and graphics. Colour spectrum is having full colour image and application of colour stretching.


There is maximum of detailing. Artistic means of expressiveness by using figures of people and animals. Also by different genres of images. Colour spectrum variety of colours and rich shades.

The period of manufacturing the frescoes is from 10 to 14 days, depending on the complexity.

All 100% frescoes are created manually and individually tailored to each order. Each work is unique and unrepeatable. There are no two identical works.